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ASN Underground Show - Tonight One Night Only Jen Porter

February 7, 2018

We welcome back Cup of Joe who has been out sick for awhile or in the Caribbean getting shit faced not sure but welcome back! 

We have the always lovely Sheri and the real brains behind the ASN Underground Show. And calling in from the far west the always sexy and funny and resident hooker Phoenix rising. 

Tonight, we interview the one and only world-famous lifestyle piano player extraordinaire Jen porter. We talk to Jen about her rise to stardom as songwriter and piano player. We also ask her how she got into the lifestyle and find out so much more about Jen. 

Jen released her 5th Album entitled What’s Next and discuss how she came to write the son Insatiable, You can get your hands on this awesome new album at Follow and like Jens Facebook fan page at:

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